Reconwizz is a bank reconciliation application that was developed in partnership with AdVision Finance. This app is intended for use by financial institutions of any size, and was built on our Sysbupro platform.

Reconcile Data Efficiently

Reconwizz allows you to link unlimited sources of data in one application. You can run scheduled tasks, reports, and automatic rules to simplify your financial institution’s reconciliation process.

Unlimited Sources of Data

Handle data from an unlimited number of sources in differing formats. Define the fields that are needed for automatic and manual reconciliation.

Customizable Automated Rules

Create rules and criteria for automatic reconciliation. Trigger them manually, or schedule to run at the appropriate time.

Manual Intervention

Have your rules hit a snag? Intervene easily with a manual audit and fix the lines that caused the issue. Roll back any changes made by accident.

Dashboard & Reports

Take advantage of our built-in dashboards and reports, or design your own that fit your specific need. Use the graphic module for easy interpretation of data.

Complex User Roles

Create an unlimited number of users with varying permissions, and assign granular access to various data, rules, and actions.

Reconcile Your Data